Sunday, April 10, 2011

Most epic TV/movie breakups

I was inspired by BuddyTV to make my own list of TV/movie breakups that affected me the most.

13. Pocahontas and John (The New World)

12. Liz and Max (Roswell)

11. Summer and Seth (OC). Stupid Theresa.

10. Carol and Doug (ER). But they made it up with a hell of a reunition♥ And the sweetest cameo ever in the last season♥♥

9. Bella and Edward (New Moon)

8. Cecilia and Robbie (Atonement). Stupid Briony :(

7. Sara and Grissom (CSI)

6. Satine and Christian (Moulin Rouge)

5. Ally and Larry (Ally McBeal). For years, I was furious at Robert Downey Jr. Because if it weren't for his relapse, he and Ally would've been married :(

4. Carrie and Big (SATC)

3. Marissa and Ryan (OC). And yes, I cried like a baby. Stupid Theresa x2

2. Lorelai and Luke (Gilmore Girls). Stupid April. Stupid Anna. Seriously! I can't blame Christopher (although I want it), because he truly cares for Lorelai. Boohoo !! I'm stal mad at the writers for giving me that crappy end as well. In my opinion, Gilmore Girls is one of the best and most original series ever, but with a very disappointing end. I need way more. Like a season of 'Lorelai-Luke wedding bliss' more.

1. Allie and Noah (The Notebook)


  1. I hate when Luke and Lorelai break up :( and for that matter when Jess gets on the bus and leaves Rory :( sad times all round!xx

  2. You're so right :( I really don't understand why Rory and Jess had to break up. Bleigh. And I never liked Logan for that matter. I really hoped Rory and Jess would work things out when she last came to see him :( xx

  3. You know, the end of the last season of Gilmore Girls isn't really the end of the soap?! That's why it's so awfully stupid! There would have been 3 more seasons if the producers weren't out of money. I'm lucky I know how it really ends with all of them :)

  4. ahhh, the notebook. a rightful #1. and you're right - stupid briony! and stupid theresa.

  5. @ Anonymous: I hope it includes lots of Lorelai-Luke babies :)

  6. You really want to know?

  7. Ofcourse :) You can always email it to me (, if you want :) xx


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