Sunday, January 27, 2013

Django Unchained

Such a cruel movie. But bravo to Quentin Tarantino. To finally show the American history of violent slavery in all its horror. There was one scene I couldn't even watch, because I couldn't stand all the violence. But thankfully, Tarantino uses a lot of humor, as always, to make the movie 'lighter'. Top director, top actors! Leonardo DiCaprio (iconic!), Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Christopher Waltz. Waltz was a genius, as always. I hope that Tarantino and Waltz are becoming the second Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! This movie is even more cruel than the previous Tarantino movies, but Django Unchained is so good, so unpredictable, so genius! ♥
And before I forget, the D from Django is silent...

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