Saturday, May 3, 2014

Master of Commander

I don't care if Russel Crowe has some anger management issues. I'm a fan of his since Gladiator. But he really drawed my attention as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. This is the first movie that made such a big impact on me. It takes a brilliant actor to portray such a complex character. For a while after that movie, I didn't really see amazing movies with him (shame on me, because there are!) until Robin Hood. Cate Blanchett and Russel Crowe are without a doubt my favorite Lady Marion and Robin Hood! I already knew what an amazing actor he was, but who knew he could sing?! There's no man out there who could do more justice to Miserables' iconic Monsieur Javert than he. Man, do I hate that character! You can see the crazyness and hate in his eyes, so amazing!

So when they showed Master of Commander on tv, I totally had to watch it. I remember that at the time, I couldn't make it to the movies to go watch this gem. And boy, did I miss out! It's an amazing movie that taught me a lot about piracy and shipping, so interesting. Although I'm sure that this movie is not a complete realistic depiction of the events, I really loved it a lot. I loved it so much because I'm such a sucker for heroism. And nobody does heroism better than Russel Crowe! I'm a fan, can you tell?!

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