Tuesday, October 1, 2013


What a movie. I've never heard about it, but boy am I glad that I recorded this one. I decided to watch the movie because Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor are in it. Does one need more reasons? I don't think so.

Very cleverly made and a perfect combination of romance and suspense with an erotic twist. I loved it! And the actors are perfectly cast! ♥
I love the fact that after all those years and roles, Michelle Williams still pulls a"Jen Lindley" sometimes. The scene where she and Ewan McGregor are laying in bed and she gives "that" look... Instant Dawson's Creek flashback ♥
And what a great actor is Hugh Jackman! I'm obsessed with the guy and I think he's the hottest actor out there. But in this movie I absolutely hate him and find him repulsive. So you can imagine what a great and talented actor he is. Ewan McGregor, on the contrary, I only find attractive in Moulin Rouge. But he's a great actor nonetheless.

I can't believe this movie has such a low profile! It's one of the better movies I've seen lately... ♥

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