Sunday, November 10, 2013

One day in Paris

A couple of weeks ago, my friend had the best idea : to go on a shopping day trip to Paris! And yesterday we did it! So much fun! The day started off very sunny, I was so bummed that I didn't took my sunglasses with me. But unfortunately after an hour, it started to rain. But we didn't care, since we spent most of the time shopping inside. Although you can spend days and days in Paris, a one day visit is worth it! Since I already know Paris from other stays, this time it was enough seeing the beautiful monuments and architecture in a rush. Yesterday, the only thing that mattered was shopping, macarons and oh, shopping! ♥

 First stop: Champs-Elysées

And breakfast at Ladurée! I was so excited for this, but I was so disappointed. The prices are ridiculously high here! I ate an éclair and drank chocomilk, and it was the worst I had in my life! You couldn't even drink the chocomilk! It was way to thick, like the chocolate you take with churros. The next time I'm just gonna buy some macarons and that's it! Such a pity. Thank god the amazing Ladurée interior made things better. And the divine macarons ofcourse ♥

Selfies at Ladurée

Necklace : J.Crew

Arc de Triomphe, the proof we were in Paris :D

When we couldn't handle the rain and wind anymore, we searched refugee in Galéries Lafayette, where Christmas has started already! The decoration is breathtaking! No filter needed!

I was a good girl this time, although I surpassed my shopping budget... Woopsies! 

I only bought some things at H&M and in & Other Stories! Obsessed with this shop, I discovered it thanks to my friend!

What do you guys think of my new goodies? What is your fav? ♥

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