Thursday, July 4, 2013

Belgium (almost) has a new king!

I think I might be one of the only people left who actually likes the fact that we still have a monarchy in Belgium. I really don't understand why everyone is bashing King Albert II like that. Give the guy a break, he never thought he would become a king, but when his brother died, he was forced to. I really think he did a good job and I admire him for leaving the crown to his son now, the future King Filip I of Belgium. Not everybody is able to swallow his/her pride in order to give the new royal generation a chance. Yes I'm talking to you, Elizabeth! :D Our king was actually a very humane king, humble and caring about his country. I do understand that everyone's afraid to find out how Filip will reign, but I think we should give him a chance. He prepared his whole life for being a king and I think he might surprise us. But for sure, he will play a much more active role in politics! Guess we have to be patient to find out! :)

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