Monday, July 22, 2013

Vive le Roi!

Leve de Koning! Hail to the King!
Belgium has a new King and Queen : King Filip I and Queen Mathilde!

Although lots of people in Belgium are against the monarchy, I'm such a sucker for all things royal! I love it and I'm so happy we still have a Royal family. Yesterday, King Albert II retired in favor of his eldest son, the now King Filip. Albert delivered an emotional speech, Queen Paola pinked some tears away. It was so touching and moving. Queen Paola has been severely criticised during the years, but I just love her. Just look how breathtaking she was as a young girl! She has royal written all over her! ♥

But now, Belgium has a new Queen, named Mathilde. And let me tell you, everybody's crazy about her! She's so sweet, caring and genuine, the Belgian people love her! When King Filip was helding his speech, she looked at him the whole time with such proud in her eyes. All I could think was: maybe true love does exist. These two seem to be, at least! And what I love the most is that King Filip is normally a very severe looking man, but when he looks at Mathilde, he's got that whole puppy look going on! ♥

But let's talk fashion! Lots of people say: I wish that Mathilde would have taken a bigger risk. Seriously? I think she looked amazing, thanks to Natan! As a matter of fact, I thought everybody looked so chique and distinguished, true Royal style!

In my opinion, Mathilde always looks very chique and distinguished, this outfit is one of my favorite looks of her:

This is my favorite moment of the day, including lots of royal smooches ♥

I present you, our Royal Family. They truly are a picture perfect ♥

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